With the nature of the internet it is very difficult to provide a good and up-to-date linklist. These are some of my favourites with no aim whatsoever concerning completeness or actuality.

Surfing - this is a commercial site but it has a brilliant linklist and lots of very good information. Start from here!

Land-Rover links - the homepage of the Dunsfold Landrover Collection. Need the rarest parts or special info? Look no further. - the LandRover Forum. Its message board is good if you need help or want to share tips. - the Landrover Owners Magazine homepage. Very good for its q/a sections on all LR models and for the online version of the 'Going Spare' section.
If you have a question concerning your Landy it will be answered in one of the page's forums! A must!

This and that: - the homepage I did for my old school. Have a look. - the homepage I'm working on for my present school. Ever expanding... - page I did for my li'l sis. She's cute, page, too. - another sister, another page ... - my best friend and I have a little webdesign-company going. Check it out...
The Old Hippie lost in Mississppi - An (Ex-)Hippie with whom my pupils did a very cool email-project.


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